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How To Choose The Right Yoga & Pilates Grip Socks

Have you just started looking for your first pilates grip socks and are surprised (and a little overwhelmed) by the many different options?

I know what you're thinking - "they are just socks; can they really be that different?"

Well, yes.

While all pilates grip socks share the same main feature - grippy soles to increase traction, they also have their own unique advantages.

So, to ensure you choose the best yoga and pilates grip socks, it's well worth learning about the different options.

And we're here to help you do just that!

Read on to discover the 5 essential things you should consider before buying your first grip socks.


Most non-slip grip socks are designed for pilates and similar movement practices like yoga and barre.

However, as each movement practice differs, the features you'll need from your non-slip grip socks will vary. For example, many Ashtanga and Vinyasa yogis prefer toeless grip socks because the toeless design helps them feel more grounded and improves their balance in challenging postures like Warrior 3.

Meanwhile, if you practise reformer pilates regularly, you'll want grip socks with more protection and support to prevent injury against the hard bars on the machine. So ankle grip socks will be a top option as they have compression arch support and padded ankle rests for this purpose.

Of course, non-slip grip socks are not just for exercising. Just Flow's pilates socks in Australia are highly versatile and super comfy, so many people wear them as everyday socks.

Whether you plan to use pilates grip socks at home or in the studio, you'll want to choose ones that feel comfortable and boost a warm yet breathable fabric.


Here's a quick overview of the socks available at Just Flow pilates grip socks Australia and what they best suit.

Ankle Grip Socks

Ankle grip socks are a top choice for reformer pilates and dance. They will protect your feet and ankles from injury should you fall while transitioning between tricky balance poses.

  • They feature compression arch support for ultimate comfort and support.
  • They boast fitted, supportive heels, making them comfy to use directly on hard floors.
  • Many also have padding around the ankles.

Crew Grip Socks

With long pilates socks, you no longer have to worry about twisting your ankle during advanced Barre transitions or your front ankle bones hurting while sitting on your heels in Hero's pose. This is because their mid-calf length gives maximum coverage, giving a layer of padding for the ankle, Achilles tendon, and lower shin bone, as well as the heel.

  • Crew grip socks extend to the mid-calf for maximum coverage.
  • They protect the feet, ankle, Achilles tendon, and lower shin bone.
  • They often have a stylish, eye-catching appearance (crew grip socks are available in a wide range of fashionable shades and designs).

Ballet Grip Socks

Ankle ballet grip socks are ideal for flowy, dynamic practices like barre and vinyasa yoga.

  • They have a semi-opening on the top of the foot to allow smooth movement, while the grippy soles prevent any slip-ups.
  • They are made from a breathable cotton blend to keep you cool and quickly wick away sweat, so you look elegant rather than like a "hot mess."
  • They come in standard and open-toe designs - the latter is ideal for yogis and barre babes who like to feel the connection of their feet against the ground.

Toeless Grip Socks

Toeless grip socks allow all five toes to firmly ground into the yoga mat or the floor. This design is best for dynamic yoga and barre.

  • They stimulate your foot-brain connection, allowing you to flow with both stability and ease.
  • They have zero negative effect on your balance, so they are 100% yoga-friendly
  • The toeless design combined with the semi-opening on the top of the foot gives toeless pilates grip socks a "barely there sensation", so it doesn't even feel like you are wearing socks!

Toe Grip Socks

The unique design of toe grip socks separates all of the toes. They are great for all movement practices where you are on your feet often, such as mat pilates, Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga, and barre.

  • They increase stability and grounding in standing and balance poses.
  • They stretch and strengthen the toes muscles to improve your balance and posture.
  • They promote even weight distribution across all four corners of your feet to protect the joints and help you hold poses longer.

Size & Fit

If you're like me and are an 'in-between size' in shoes and socks, you might worry about getting your new non-slip grip socks only to realise they are too big or too small. Thankfully, when you buy from Just Flow pilates socks Australia, you won't have this worry as we have made them "one-size fits all".

All our pilates grip socks comfortably fit sizes 6 to 9, even the grip socks with toes. How is this possible? It's all thanks to the spandex composition, which makes the socks super stretchy and adaptable to different sizes.

Fabric & Composition

We often overlook material when searching for a functional product like pilates grip socks. However, the fabric (and the exact composition) of non-slip grip socks play a role in their functionality and effectiveness.

You will find many pilates grip socks made from 100% cotton, chosen for the material's comfort and breathability. However, while we love cotton, we found pure cotton socks lack elasticity and thus, after a few washes, are no longer a good fit.

You will also find some pilates grip socks made purely from polyester. While these have excellent elasticity, their comfort level fades a little each time you wash them.

So at Just Flow pilates socks Australia, we decided to play around with the composition to find the perfect fabric blend. After lots of trial and error, we confidently choose the composition we now use in all our pilates grip socks; 80% Cotton, 11% Polyester, 9% Spandex.

  • Cotton - is a naturally breathable fabric that absorbs moisture and sweat and retains body temperature (when needed) without causing you to overheat. Plus, it feels super soft and cosy!
  • Spandex - is super stretchy and helps the sock conform to the shape of your foot. It also prevents them from sagging or bunching up even after a good wash.
  • Polyester - is a lightweight, durable fabric that gives socks additional elasticity while increasing lifespan. It is also naturally odour resistant, which helps to keep the socks smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Each of the three materials brings unique benefits, while the specific blend counteracts each fabric's negative qualities. This makes them the most durable, breathable, and comfy yoga and pilates socks on the market!


Lastly, while it may not be the most critical factor, you will surely want pilates grip socks in the colour and pattern you like! At Just Flow Pilates grip socks Australia, we offer many fashionable styles and shades, from subtle to eye-catching.

For example, if you prefer classic looks, you'll love the MOTION Crew Grip Socks, while if you are looking for something on-trend, check out the colourful gradient FLOW Crew Grip Socks. Or, if you want to add some sparkle to your barre outfit, the shimmery BLISS ballet grip socks are a must!

So whatever your style and personality, you will find your dream pilates socks with us!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has eliminated any confusion you felt about choosing pilates grip socks. Remember, the main thing to consider is what you plan to use them for, as this will determine which sock design is best for you.

If you love practising all forms of movement practice, you can't go wrong with ankle grip socks, which offer an idyllic balance between stability and support.

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