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3 Relatable Reasons To Start Wearing Grip Socks at Home

Although it’s long overdue, non slip grip socks are finally growing in popularity, and for good reason! Among fitness enthusiasts, and yoga and pilates communities, the use of ‘grippy’ socks has become an important part of the required or recommended attire.

Thanks to the anti-slip material on the soles of the socks, traction is increased which, in turn, helps to stabilise balance, and prevent potentially dangerous slips or falls. The importance of having a firm grip on the floor when it comes to exercising and performing yoga and pilates cannot be ignored, but it shouldn’t stop there.

Commonly referred to as barre socks, sticky socks, or anti-slip socks, when you consider what the purpose of grip socks is, you begin to realise just how useful they can be when worn at home.

Besides, they are for everyone! Both young and old alike can benefit from them, and today, we are sharing three convincing reasons why you should wear grip socks at home.

#1 You Have Hard Floors

While some floor tiles are textured or more slip-resistant than others, there are many types of non-porous tiled floors that have a super smooth and polished finish. Two examples of these are porcelain and ceramic – widely favoured for their easy maintenance and relatively low price tag.

While you can apply an anti-skid coating to slippery tiling, it is not the most ideal solution because, for starters, it doesn’t last too long when exposed to a lot of foot traffic, and secondly, it can develop scratches and cracks that make your floor look dull and shabby.

As far as slippery flooring is concerned, hardwood floors, vinyl, polished floorboards, and many other types of flooring are no different than smooth tiles. To add to that, they come with similar disadvantages when finished with anti-skid coatings.

Above all this, no floor type or finish will give you the type of traction that a pair of grip socks will. For that reason alone, individuals can truly benefit from wearing the socks at home by significantly reducing the chances of slipping.

#2 Your Balance Has Been Compromised

Whether you are unwell, suffering from a condition like arthritis, or have recently undergone surgery, there are various factors that can affect your balance. Even weakness can make you unsteady on your feet, thereby increasing the need for traction when walking around the house.

Under these circumstances, or any other that has compromised your balance, it is advisable to walk at a slower pace than usual, and consider wearing anti-slip socks to help steady yourself while on your feet.

With patterns or rows of PVC or silicone material covering the bottom of the sock, high-quality grip socks do an excellent job at keeping your foot from sliding or moving while you walk or stand up. It is particularly helpful and advisable for those who are trying to wean off using crutches, a walker, or cane.

#3 Sweaty Feet Makes You Prone to Falling

Foot perspiration is very common. Considering the fact that the soles of the feet and palms have the most sweat glands, these are the first places that you will perspire from when your body temperature is raised.

A few factors that cause feet to sweat include hot/humid weather, exercising, and practicing yoga and pilates at home. For many individuals who have to deal with sweaty feet, it can be quite uncomfortable to wear a pair of shoes or closed footwear for long periods of time.

On the other hand, going barefoot at home, while much more freeing and airy, can also pose a risk because sweaty feet and smooth floors are a slip just waiting to happen!

So, how do you prevent a nasty fall AND enjoy the breezy feeling of walking barefoot at the same time? Well, a pair of grippy socks can take care of that.

Made from thin, breathable, and highly elasticised material, your feet will not feel trapped or heated in a pair of barre socks while the added grip on the ground will bring you more comfort and confidence when walking around your home.

Along with the absorbent material, note that there are some toeless designs that make your grip socks even more airy!

To Summarise

Today, grip socks are commonly used in yoga and pilates classes, as well as gyms during a workout. With their growing popularity, many are also turning to the product for home use due to their excellent ability to stabilise balance while walking or moving around.

Among the young and old alike, these socks can greatly help prevent slipping or falling if you have hard, smooth floors, poor balance, and/or sweat from your feet during hot weather, exercising, yoga practice, or otherwise.

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