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What Makes Our Yoga & Pilates Socks Different

As long-term Pilates practitioners, we know how essential it is to feel stable and grounded during your movement practice. However, when we turned to the selection of non-slip grip socks on the market, we were downright disappointed by the durability, style options, and general quality of the socks we found.

From this disappointment, Just Flow Pilates Socks Australia was born. As a small business of two passionate creatives seeking to make a change, we combined our expertise in Pilates and design to produce yoga and Pilates socks that look and function on a whole new level.

Wondering how we crafted such unique Pilates grip socks that are affordable, long-lasting, and stylish? Read on to discover the secrets of our socks!

Designed For Maximum Performance & Comfort

We've all paid a high price for a product with high hopes, only to be thoroughly let down. This is why we focused an immense amount of energy and dedication into designing Pilates grip socks that feel amazing and give a supreme performance.

Ventilated Panel For Breathability

Non-slip grip socks are something we need all year round, including in the middle of summer! SO in addition to their moisture-wicking fabric, we added a ventilation panel on the top of our ESSENCE, ALIGN & GROUNDED styles socks to make them breathable and suitable for all climates and all intensity levels.

Plus, the mesh arch support pushes fresh air through the sock with every step you take to regulate your body temperature. In the summer, this feature helps excess heat exit well before sweat beads appear, while in the winter, it can retain the heat so you stay warm and cosy.


ventilated panel of pilates grip socks


Moreover, our breathable, quick-drying fabric blend of Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex keeps your grip socks feeling and smelling 'fresh' even after intense practice. Moisture-wicking properties are essential for all workout apparel, but especially socks. Not only do damp socks feel gross, but they create an environment for bacteria and fungus to grow, causing ailments like athlete's feet.

Thus, the ventilation and breathability of Just Flow Pilates Socks Australia don't just increase the comfort factor. They enhance foot health so you can continue your favourite practice free from pain, discomfort, and itchiness.

Full-Cushion Sole For Blister & Callus Resistance

We strategically designed our socks with thick cushioning that covers the entire sole, not just the heel. This high-volume cushioning gives the bottom of your feet and toes an additional layer of protection and a softer, spongier sensation. This improves comfort and significantly reduces rubbing, friction, and pressure, the main culprits of pesky blisters and calluses.

Moreover, the additional cushioning of ESSENCE Pilates Grip Socks Australia increases durability and lifespan, one of the most important considerations when selecting your yoga or Pilates grip socks. If you practise regularly, like to go 'matless', or incorporate reformer machines in your routine, high-volume cushioning is a must!


cushion at the bottom of the grip socks

Unique Ribbed Design For Ankle Grip & Elasticity

One of the top frustrations we found with non-slip grip socks from big companies was how quickly they lost shape. That's why we researched the very best construction method for creating Pilates grip socks that hug your foot's unique shape and continue to 'bounce back' wash after wash.

Many of our Pilates grip socks styles (PEACE, MOTION, FLOW & ALIGN) feature a ribbed design composed of vertical ridges of varying width. This design gives your Pilates socks the high level of elasticity needed to maintain shape and provide a supportive, tight fit around the ankle, helping to reduce injuries like sprains and strains.

Personally, we also think the ribbed design looks the most aesthetically pleasing too!


close up of ribbed ankle from crew grip socks

The Perfect Fabric Composition

Most non-slip grip socks produced by big companies are made from 100% cotton. While cotton has excellent breathability qualities, it falls short in other areas, such as elasticity and durability.

As we're passionate about offering the best Pilates grip socks on the market (and as creatives, we like to try new things), we decided to switch it up. After testing various compositions, we settled on 80% Cotton, 11% Polyester, and 9% Spandex, which is the composition that all Just Flow Pilates Socks feature.

We believe this is the best composition for Pilates grip socks because:

  • The addition of Spandex gives our socks the elasticity that other non-slip grip socks lack. Even a small percentage of Spandex can eliminate that dreaded sagging or bunching after washing, significantly increasing the socks' lifespan.
  • Polyester increases durability further, adds essential quick-drying properties, and keeps them lightweight so you feel bouncy, free and flowy rather than weighed down and restricted.
  • 80% cotton is a high enough ratio to keep the socks feeling soft and smooth, even after multiple washes. The high cotton volume also gives breathability when hot and retains body temperature when cold, thanks to its moisture-wicking and sweat-absorption properties.

Resilient Anti-Slip PVC Dots

When choosing grippy socks, it's not just the material of the grip dots you should consider but also the patterning and surface area of coverage.

High-Quality PVC

We use only high-quality PVC that is safe and non-toxic; thus, it will not cause any irritation to your skin. The PVC grip dots on our non-slip grip socks are also soft, so they feel comfortable on the feet and not like you are standing on a bunch of tiny stones!


PVC grips from ankle grip socks - close up


However, the most crucial property of PVC for Pilates socks is its low moisture absorption. It is resilient against all moisture and particles often found on studio floors, including sweat, body oil and residue from skin care products. 

Therefore, our range of Just Flow Pilates Grip Socks Australia not only protects your skin from picking up bacteria from dirty studio floors. They also prevent you from sliding on any residue or, worse, someone's sweat (yuk!)

PVC is also much more durable than other synthetic materials often used in Pilates socks, such as silicone. Along with being ultra-resistant to moisture, PVC can maintain top-notch traction in different temperatures. So whether you love hot yoga, are practising during a heatwave, or accidentally put your Pilates socks in a hot wash, they will retain their effectiveness.

Grip Patterns & Coverage

The number and layout of grip dots on the sole determine the sock’s traction and support. However, as there are different styles of yoga and Pilates, there is no 'one grip pattern fits all'. This is why we created two different grip dot patterns:

  1. Our ESSENCE Ankle Grip Socks have approximately five grips per square centimetre equally distributed throughout the entire sole. This coverage best suits practices where you ground all four corners of your feet on the floor, like Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga.
  2. Our PEACE, MOTION and FLOW Crew Grip Socks have bigger grip dots, averaging four grips per square centimetre. While, like the ESSENCE socks, the grip pads cover the entire sole, there is a larger surface area around the heels and ball of the foot. This is ideal for barre practitioners who balance on the ball of the foot and those who do reformer Pilates, where both the heel and ball press into the equipment.

Unique Designs & Colours

While we have put tons of hard work into designing the most practical yoga socks, here at Just Flow Pilates Socks Australia, we are incredibly passionate about stylish and trendy designs. As creatives, we don't like to settle for boring, standard sock designs, and we don't want you to, either.

Socks are so much more than functional pieces of clothing. They offer us the opportunity to showcase our unique personality and style. They can also serve as an eye-catching accessory, transforming a 'plain Jane' workout outfit into a unique and vibrant one.

Our iconic Just Flow designs range from the trendy gradient shades of FLOW Crew grip socks to the shimmery and striking BLISS Ballet Grip Socks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Just Flow Pilates Socks Australia, we are passionate about creating Pilates grip socks you will love as much as we do. As a small business, we seek to offer a premium version of the standard factory-made socks the big companies sell. We also infuse our creativity into all designs to bring you unique styles and shades you won't find anywhere else.

However, we also know that durability is a deal breaker for non-slip grip socks. Thus, we prioritise creating long-lasting products that you can use in your daily yoga or Pilates practice for years to come.

If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will happily offer you an exchange or full refund, providing you contact us within the first 30 days of purchase. You can find our full returns policy on the dedicated shipping and returns page.

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