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What Are Leg Warmers? Here's Everything You Need To Know

As the seasons get chillier, we look out for more ways to get ourselves covered through our pilates & yoga practices. We'll opt for pants instead of shorts or a long-sleeve top instead of the traditional sports bra.

But what if we told you there's an underrated piece of accessory that does not only keep you warm & cosy but also keeps you stylish and trendy?

That’s right - leg warmers are an accessory that has been popular for decades among barre practitioners and ballet dancers due to their ability to minimise impacts to the shin and calf and keep the leg muscles warm and flexible.

What Are Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are coverings worn around the lower part of the leg. With a look that resembles thigh-high socks, they're commonly worn over tights or leggings and generally extend from the ankles to just below the knees - where they're kept in place by the elasticity of their fabric.

While on their practical side, leg warmers are used to protect the leg, keeping the muscles warm and insulated - it's undeniable how their aesthetics and fashion appeal played a significant role in keeping them in the spotlight throughout the years.

Peaking their popularity in the 80s - with leotards and sweatbands, they symbolised the era's energetic and vibrant spirit. Leg warmers were throughout pop culture, from Flashdance to the fitness mania.

While far from its golden age - just like every other trend, the leg warmer fad returns to streetwear fashion every 20 years or so. However, despite the cycles, they've never really left ballet, dance, yoga and pilates studios.

What Are The Different Types Of Leg Warmers

The different types of warmers are mainly segmented based on their length - specifically, how high up the calf they go.

Thigh High

Thigh-high socks usually extend up to 50 and 85 cm - providing excellent coverage of the leg, knees and calves. Thigh highs are a great choice when the weather requires extra warmth and comfort, adding a touch of poshness and elegance.

Another perk of long-leg warmers is how perfectly they combine with boots, achieving that cosy look for winter, spring and autumn. An absolute must-have for casual streetwear combinations.

Knee High

Knee highs have a length of approximately 40 cm up the calf and are the best choice for bringing that classic old-school look to your outfit combination.

As sportswear - a knee-high leg warmer match perfectly with legging or tights while maintaining freshness and breathability without affecting your mobility throughout your activity.

For streetwear, knee highs are commonly combined with skirts, boots and sneakers, often adjusted lower down the calf, depending on the style you're going for.

Ankle High

Less common than the former two, ankle leg warmers are a stylistic choice - as given their short length, they're ideal when it comes to layering with socks, shoes and boots while avoiding the bulky look their overlap would cause.

Ankle leg warmers generally extend between 15 to 20 cm in length. They can sometimes be interchangeably used as leg, wrist and arm warmers, depending on their design and fit.


Stirrup leg warmers have the unique feature of an opening over the heel area - forming a band that wraps itself around the arch of your feet. The band provides a firm grip so your leg warmers stay in place regardless of the movement's intensity. For this reason, they're the go-tos for dancers and ballerinas.

Despite their notable heel opening, stirrups come in all sizes and textures - although they can be found mainly as knee-high leg warmers and knitted patterns.

Shop For Our Range Of Just Flow Leg Warmers

At Just Flow Leg Warmers Australia, we specialise in providing grip socks and leg warmers for peak yoga & pilates performance. While we cover the simple basic designs such as the Stirrup CORE Knee High Leg Warmer, we got innovative designs such as the sleek, modern-looking EVOLVE that features unique grips to its sole for increased traction and firmness on all types of surfaces.

Whether you're looking for legwarmers that'll turn necks combined with your winter streetwear or keep your muscles warm and cramp-free, Just Flow Leg Warmers Australia has designs that bring the perfect mix of style and functionality.

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